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Helping good relationship

is an important key

to complete wellness.

It involves establishing the

correct relational skill-sets

Social Wellness

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Happiness is about having the

RIGHT Mindset.

Training the Mind to connect

with your heart unfolds

your Identity and Purpose


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We help you to understand

your Body Type and the

correct Nutrition that

your body needs


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Strength Training is not about

having the body of a Body Builder.

It is about building the muscles

needed to ensure maximum health

with a focus on toning your body

to what you desire

Strength Training

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Large percentage of people

have bad posture which will

affect their health in future.

We help to correct and train

you to have the right posture

for standing, sitting and walking

Posture Correction

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We provide Fitness training

and personal coaching

to help improve your

Cardio-vascular Fitness level

including proper breathing,

healthy joints and agility


What we offer you

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A Multipotentialite, Patrick is a Fitness trainer specialises in functional ageing and

Precision Nutrition.  He is also Singapore Certified Management Consultant,

an Experiential learning trainer, a Graphic Facilitator and many other areas.

Patrick Oh

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About The Master Holistic Wellness Coach